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Circle of Peace International (COPI), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in the U.S. in 2011 to promote access to formal and informal education, greater social understanding and cultural exchange through outreach and relationship-building between Americans and Ugandans.


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Circle of Peace International

The school day begins at BLANK and ends at BLANK.  Transportation to and from school is provided for those who need it by the Bbaale family (photo). Many of the day students take their meals at the school, which are prepared for them by Medina Bbaale in an outdoor kitchen (photo).


Every Friday Abraham Bbaale brings eggs from the school’s poultry farm to the students as a special treat (photo).  Aminah Bbaale, the family matriarch, cooks and cares for the 23 children who reside permanently at the school, many of whom are orphans.  MaryLove Bbaale is the headmistress of the school, her brother Charles Bbaale is in charge of grounds and operations, and her nephew Farook Bbaale assists with administration.  Solomon Bbaale manages the crop farm in BLANK, where corn, beans, and other essential foodstuffs for the school are grown. 


The faculty includes BLANK teachers, many of whom have taught here for years (photo).  They are extremely devoted to their students and committed to their success.  Most of their students continue their educations at various institutions of higher learning and several have earned college degrees.


In BLANK, the Circle of Peace School was recognized by the Ugandan Ministry of Education for BLANK.  The Circle of Peace School motto is “Education is Priceless,” and collectively the Bbaale family and faculty work hard to ensure that every student who passes through its gates will be afforded a quality education, hope, and a future.

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