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Completed Projects

Build New Classrooms

Project was completed in January 2022

Sewing Machines, Printer, Extinguishers

Second graders at Fillmore Central School in New York raised enough money in 2012 to purchase two new sewing machines and a multi-function printer for our school. The sewing machines can run with or without electricity, helpful with our frequent power outages. Teachers and staff are using the machines to make school uniforms and are teaching girls to sew.


These gifts were a result of a pen pal program between our school and Fillmore Central School. Through receiving and writing letters we have learned much about the U.S. and developed friendships with children in the U.S.


In 2014 our pen pal friends raised more money with which we were able to use to buy two fire extinguishers.  We are thankful for the opportunity to be connected with students in the U.S. and we look forward to getting more letters from our pen pals. 

Energy Projects

In 2009 the school received a visit from AHEAD Energy staff.  


At the time our school was connected to Uganda’s feeble power grid, but the cost of electricity was very high and there were frequent power outages. AHEAD helped us install ten 120W solar panels, which are producing electricity to light the classrooms, the  dormitories and the school yard and to run some small appliances.


In 2010, AHEAD Energy added an additional seven solar panels to provide electricity for the school office and the main house. We replaced incandescent bulbs at the school with more efficient compact florescent bulbs.


Before AHEAD’s involvement, we prepared school lunches in a pot over an open fire. AHEAD arranged for the construction of a new kitchen and two twin-burner rocket stoves with chimneys that funnel exhaust outside. AHEAD also installed solar thermal hot water units to provide hot water.


The school was buying municipal water at a very high price, including water to flush toilets. In 2010, AHEAD had large rain barrels installed so that rainwater can be used in the latrines and for cleaning, laundry and bathing. AHEAD later installed a second system to provide water to the showers that staff and boarding school students use.


The school staff and students appreciate AHEAD Energy's investments to provide safe, affordable access to energy and water to our children at Circle of Peace School.

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