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Academics & School Schedule


Circle of Peace School provides excellent nursery and primary education in subjects including Language Development, English, Luganda (native language), Literacy, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, as well as instruction in Health, Social Development and Religion. The curriculum also includes Music, Dance and Drama. All classes are taught in English. Tutors are available to students who need help with reading and math lessons.

School Year Calendar
  • Term I February 6 –May 5, 2017

  • Term II May 29– August 25, 2017

  • Term III September 18 – December 8, 2017


Holidays and Observances

  • January 1 New’s Year

  • January 26 Liberation Day

  • February 16 Remembrance of Archbishop Janani Luwum

  • March 8 International Women’s Day

  • April 14 Good Friday

  • April 16 Easter Day

  • April 17 Easter Monday

  • May 1 May Day

  • May 14 Mother’s Day

  • June 3 Marty’s Day

  • June 9 National Heroes Day

  • June 21 Father’s Day

  • June 26 Edi al-Fitr

  • September 2 Eid al Adha

  • October 9 Independence Day

  • December 25 Christmas Day

  • December 26 Boxing Day

image of girl at Circle of Peace School
child at Circle of Peace School

The cost to enroll a student at Circle of Peace School is 332,000 Uganda Shillings per term. This covers lunch, uniforms, and one ream of paper.

Office Hours

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and meet with teachers and staff.  Visiting hours are weekdays 9 a.m. – noon and 4 - 6 p.m.



In 2014, the school’s library was expanded to over 1,000 books.  Students use the library often. In the lower classes, teachers read to the students daily.  Parents are encouraged to check out books to improve their knowledge and to help their children with reading assignments. The school has textbooks that students may take home for extended periods to improve reading skills and vocabulary. The library teachers have established a tracking system ha allowing students to sign for books at check-outs and check-ins.


International Pen Pal program

In 2009, a Classroom Peer-to-Peer Program began between students at COPS and students in the U.S. Children from both countries learn about life in the other country and write letters to each another. This has proven to be an excellent way to introduce students to issues of global citizenship.


Reader’s Theater

With the help of Pamela Vanias, a volunteer from the U.S., the school began a Readers’ Theater program, a character building and public speaking activity that focuses on fluency, voice fluctuation, enunciation and creative thinking skills. Reader’s Theater has been incorporated into regular English reading classes. The students enjoy acting out plays for their classmates and their motivation, comprehension, and diction has markedly improved.


Speech Day

The All-School Speech Day takes place at the end of the year. It is a day when students showcase their success in academics and their unique talents. Parents and the community are invited to review the students’ work, and to buy items that support the school. In 2014 we had a successful Speech Day with about 400 people attending. There was a marching band and our students marched from the school through the community then back to campus where the Speech Day presentations took place.  As a result, student enrollment increased significantly from around 180 students to 300.


Primary Leaving Examination (PLE)

Despite challenging conditions, the school has produced the highest-testing students in the area. In 2004, the Primary Leaving Examination was administered at the school for the first time to 15 students. Each year since then our Primary 7 students have done very well.


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