Since 2007, we have invested over $100,000 to upgrade the school’s facilities and expand its campus. Contributions from international donors through Circle of Peace International (COPI) have made these projects possible.

The David Davenport Chicken Farm was established in 2011 due to a grant from the Davis Projects for Peace Foundation and the Bbaale family. This project provides long-term, sustainable funding for Circle of Peace School through the sale of eggs and poultry.

In 2014, the Ugandan Ministry of the Education required all schools to implement a vocational education program.  Kathleen Creasey from Richmond, Virginia, sponsored an educational tour that exposed Circle of Peace School students to a variety of careers and how to make career choices. Students visited numerous businesses that day; a soap factory, plastic factory, sugar factory, tea factory, furniture, national news station, police station, and many more.


At the school, Director Charles Bbaale trains students in carpentry whenever he repairs and makes desks. The school is hoping to acquire tools for students to use in order to expand this vocational training.

Our facilities have had several major physical and technology improvements in the past several years.


We received funding to pay for more reliable internet access. We  added new glass windows in the Nursery Section and a new classroom in the Primary Section. A cement platform now runs along the entire school building and extends to the main office. The school has a new bell, thanks to Isabella Bates from Boston, Massachusetts.


School Director Charles Bbaale redesigned the main office so that there is a waiting area for parents and visitors. This area also serves as the school library. Now that we have a waiting room, we are implementing office hours:  9 a.m. – noon and 4 - 6 pm.


In early 2014, Circle of Peace International board members Iria Jones and Joanita Senoga visited the School and were able to replace batteries and repair our solar panels, thanks to a donation from MJ and Ben Ebenhack. With the repairs, our solar panels are back up and working at full capacity.


During a visit in June 2014, Circle of Peace International board members were able to accomplish several projects at the school:

  • Building a new bathroom for the kindergarten class

  • Tiling the dining shed where the children eat their snacks and lunch

  • Putting gutters around the main house. The gutters direct water into our 10,000 gallon tank

  • Purchasing 50 soccer balls

  • Painting the boy’s and girl’s dormitories

  • Purchasing and installing a swing set

  • Fabricating new desks for the classrooms

  • Painting the interior of the boy’s and girl’s dorms

  • Painting and installing lights in Amina’s kitchen

In 2014 we were able to renovate the dining shed at our school thanks to second graders at St. Andrew’s School in Richmond, Virginia. These students raised $250 by selling wristbands.

Chicken Farm Project

Initially, the farm had 500 chickens, but through careful management by Abraham Bbaale, there are now 1,800 chickens.  Thanks to his efforts, the farm now generates enough revenue to cover operating costs (chicken feed and day-to-day maintenance) and provides two eggs a week to each student at the school. The remaining eggs are sold in local markets, and the profits are used for various projects at the school.


From the egg sales, Abraham has earned enough money to install a paved driveway at the school, expand the school’s main office, renovate windows in the P-4 and P-5 classrooms, install protective wire fencing around the school and pave the children’s playground.

Because of Abraham's efforts, both the chicken farm and the school have prospered. Abraham is working towards increasing the size of the farm from 1,800 chickens today to 5,000 chickens in the next few years. At that size, the farm will be able to generate enough revenue to pay all of the school’s operating expenses.  In order to expand, Abraham needs additional poultry sheds. He oversaw the construction of the three existing sheds, and hand fashioned every brick himself using clay he mines from the farm.


The Bbaale family, Circle of Peace School, and COPI are proud of Abraham and pleased with the success of the David Davenport Chicken Farm! It is having a profound effect of the lives of the students, their families, and the entire Circle of Peace School community

Dining Shed Refurbishment
Facilities & Technology  Improvements
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